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FIRECUT F-1 is used for the interior and exterior steel structures of buildings with excellent adhesion. FIRECUT F-1 is formulated with materials such as cement, vermiculite, fiber (asbestos-free) and special inorganic fire protective materials, not only to keep cement rigid intensity also with the tough characteristic of interlaced fiber like net, and its physical properties are better than the similar products of market. When burning could not generate any toxic smoke and is still firm as in the beginning so without destruction will be arisen by fire storm.

Product Information
1. Excellent physical properties: To be firm and light after drying, excellent compact, compression and bend resistance to suffer hits hard without flaking because of containing the anti-crack textile fiber even had fairish physical properties after flame burning for three hours without chalking or softening to bear convective wind of fire scene and guaranteed its fire protection strength. 2. Without containing asbestos: The product is completely excluded any asbestos ingredient through the test of Building Performance Institute Experimental Group of Ministry of the Interior to prove, also smoking quantity is a zero through the test of American Underwriters Laboratories Inc. according to ASTM E84(UL723). 3. Self corrosive prevention: The containing ingredients may inhibit the oxidation of iron and do not cause corrosion phenomenon to directly contact with the steel. 4. Easy application and low pollution: Add water and stir then may spray immediately, good flowing and moderate viscosity. The finish can be topped various protective and decorative coatings. (optional) To apply the decorative coating not only may increase the colorful appearance also may protect the fire protection coating to avoid directly contacting with air pollution to consumedly extend warranty period. 5. Good quality and adequate supply: Obtained Germany TUV CERT DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 Certification and joined Follow-up Server of American Underwriters Laboratories Inc. Production uses automatic equipment and annual capacity may reach 1,000,000 packages. The stability of quality and supply is absolutely better than domestic and foreign products. 6. Certifications of fire test: A. Obtained American U.L. Certification according to UL 263(ASTM E 119 “Tests the performance of walls, columns, floors, and other building components under fire exposure conditions” and registers in American Underwriters Laboratories Inc. annual issue fire-resistance directory, Design No. D778, N768, Y701, Y703, Y706 and Y711. B. Obtained Certification of National Building Materials Quality Supervision, Inspection and Fire Protection Center of Dujiangyan, Sichuan China according to GB14907-2002 and registered in official website of China National Building Materials Quality Supervision, Inspection and Fire Protection Center. C. Passed the test of England Bodycote Warringtonfire Global Safety according to BS 476, Part 21 : 1987.
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