Marine Paints


30805 RAINBOPRIME 805 (SP-92)

The two-pack, anticorrosion primer based on epoxy resin, hardener and special pigments

Product Information
1.Used for the new building system or the maintenance system, including water chamber and all areas of ship. Also used for anticorrosion engineering of steel structure such as chemical factories, bridges, power plants, inlet and outlet pipes, drains and sewers etc. 2. Very good adhesion for steel and galvanized substrates. 3. Very good adhesion for non-ferrous metal substrate. 4. Excellent water and anti-corrosion resistance. 5. Used for repairing epoxy paint because of cutting or forced damage. 6. Very good recoat ability. 7. Can be recoated by alkyd, chloride rubber, epoxy, polyurethane system coatings. 8. Very good compatibility with cathode anticorrosion system. 9. No VOC emissions in the coating.
Grey, Red Oxide